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Choosing a Product that will last a Lifetime

SE Metal Roofs offer a level of elegance, protection and performance like no other metal roofing material.

Fire, Wind, and hail resistant means peace of mind when intense weather puts structures at risk. Our Metal Sheets is infinitely recyclable and energy efficient, minimizing environmental impact while keeping energy costs low.

A few characteristic of our metal roof:

  • Non-cracking,
  • Non-curling,
  • Non-tearing,
  • Lightweight,
  • Fireproof,
  • Resistant to earthquakes,
  • Excessive heat and cold.

They also look great! You’ll love the classic & modern look it gives to your house.

Products 1 The only roof you'll ever need

Our Warranty for 50 years.

Our steel tiles are comprised of multiple layers of special coatings on a base of steel, which help to guarantee this product’s longevity. Due to its mixture of steel, it will never rust, making it an optimal choice for construction and roofing material.

We also provide a 50 years warranty on our products & service.

G70 Metal Roof Style & Colors

A steel panel system with a matte finish, the G70 style is a beautiful choice for a roof of any size!

G70 Roof Colors - Products by SE Metal Roof - 24 Gauge

Products 2 The only roof you'll ever needProducts 3 The only roof you'll ever needMetal roof - better than shingle roof Moncton SE Metal roofProducts 4 The only roof you'll ever need Wall Paneling is extremely durable, and resists shrinking and bulging when the temperature changes drastically. The siding is custom-fit to the exact measurements of your home or business, and comes in wood and brick-like textures. As part of the installation, we use the following accessories:

  • Cover Flashing
  • Valley Flashing
  • Wall Flashing
  • Starter Strip
  • Fascia
  • Lightweight,
  • Snow Stopper
  • Fireproof,
  • Ridge Cap – Large & Small
  • Resistant to earthquakes,
  • Excessive heat and cold.


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