SE Metal Roof Warranty

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SE Metal Roof Transferable Warranty

All SE Metal Roofing are backed by our company’s exclusive 50 year transferable roof
warranty. This comprehensive roof warranty is designed to give our customer’s maximum
protection, and peace of mind for a lifetime.

The Purchaser is defined as that person whose name and signature appears on the installation
contract. The Purchaser’s warranty remains in effect for the life of the Purchaser provided that he/she is on title to and resides at the property.

The Purchaser agrees to:
• Notify SE Metal Roof immediately of any nonconforming issue relate to the product and/or
• Provide the first opportunity to inspect the nonconforming issue.
• Provide all reasonable access to complete any service and cure any nonconforming product
and/or installation. If there is nonconforming product and/or installation during the Purchaser’s
warranty term, SE Metal Roof will cover its material and labor costs to repair, refinish or
replace same, at its sole discretion.
• Consult SE Metal Roof before installing any other products (sky lights, aire vents, etc) that
could effect the quality and the warranty.

This is a material warranty only for products manufactured and installed by SE Metal Roof. SE
Metal Roof warrants all metal roof including all accessories.
Perforation from hail stones measuring 1 1/2 inches in diameter or higher, losing impact
resistance with age, burning and combustion residues, tree branched measuring 1 inch in
diameter or higher and manufacturing defects materially affect the product’s performance
(“Nonconforming Product”), are not protected by the warranty.
SE Metal Roof further warrants all metal roof including all accessories will resist wind uplift
velocities of up to 200 kilometres.

This warranty takes effect once the purchase and installation contract has been paid in full,
without offset or withholding.

This warranty is transferable to following owner(s) from the purchaser to the first subsequent
registered owner of the property. The following owner must be on title to and reside at the
property. If the following owner(s) is an organization, the organization must be on title to the
property. This warranty can not otherwise be transferred or assigned. The warranty for the
following owner(s) shall be the remaining period of the original warranty from purchasing date of
the first owner.

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